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Alicia Danielle Voss is a professional freelance writer and editor who has worked extensively with publishing companies, small businesses, and individual clients to produce quality work in virtually every genre of writing.  In addition to being ghostwriter and editor of numerous pieces-from lengthy autobiographies to children’s books to website blogs-Alicia is the proud published author of four juvenile fiction novellas and one young adult novella (available online through Price World Publishing) and three romantic short stories (available online through Short Story Press).  She is excited to bring her passions, skills, and expertise to the editing team at Majarian Publishing.
Hi! My name is Michelle Josette and I live in Dallas, Texas. Few things in life give me greater pleasure than helping aspiring authors reach their writing dreams. I enjoy open discussions with writers, providing detailed feedback and that second set of “eyes” that we all need for our stories. Editing is my passion. The written word is how I express, and shaping story is what I do.
Michelle Josette
Alicia Danielle Voss
Jennifer Brown
Jennifer Brown has been a freelance editor and proofreader since 2004. Her experience includes work on a wide variety of material, both nonfiction and fiction. She brings a love of books and an eye for detail to every project.